Jean Paul Jungmann — Dyodon experimental pneumatic house (1967)


The capacity of a dialogue to produce action-guiding consensus is dependent on the interpersonal structures that underpin it. Dysfunctional public discourse is a product of the reward systems built into our public spaces — often via the implementations of technical platforms — which undermine our capacity to establish the required interpersonal bonds. In practice, thought is always overtaken by self-promotion. This is not the fault of individuals. Its solution lies not in self-development or in the cultivation of new sensibilities, but in the engineering of new public spaces.

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IntroMutual RecognitionConversation and ConsensusFailures of…

Berenice Abbott — Interference Pattern Cambridge, Massachusetts (1961)

The original title of this post was Against Oscillation. In a sense this would be more accurate — my goal is certainly not to take aim at everything which has ever called itself metamodernism, which would be silly, but to offer a few criticisms of its central motif. By this I mean the oscillation between modernism and postmodernism which is said to define the metamodern sensibility¹.

However, to put it like this would be a little disingenuous. As I hope will become clear in what follows, my own view is that the oscillation is essential to metamodernism. Without it metamodernism…

By Samuel Ludford

A Daily Telegraph article published in October 2008 describes the exploits of an octopus named Otto, who, acquiring a taste for chaos after learning how to short circuit the light above his tank by squirting jets of water at it, embarked on a rampage of escalating mischief. …

Samuel Ludford

I’m a London based writer interested in technology, subculture, and philosophy. I blog at

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